‘When Sia the owner suggested I have needling, and not wanting to sound ignorant, I just agreed. The experience was a bit strange the first time as I had never had that sort of treatment before and it only took 30 min, so easy. That night my face was slightly hot and red, but by the next day it had mostly settled down and I could face the public so I was not concerned.

I have now been needled 3 times and I was so excited to show off my awesome results to Sia yesterday. My problem area has always been around my chin, and being 57 didn’t help either! But all those worrisome ageing fine lines surrounding my chin, were just gone! Not hiding …. I swear GONE!’

– Karen

‘Beautyologist is heaven on earth!

So I came to Beautyologist with dark and puffy eyes, hyper-pigmentation, watering eyes and all over tight skin. None of which, I had been able to solve or get rid of to date, I had to use mass amounts of colour correcting make-up to cover this up, and still it was hard.

The team suggests the consultant best for your requirements. I was matched with Liz.

Liz has been able to revive my skin to a place that I never imagined possible. Not only does she make you comfortable in every appointment, with clear explanation of what the plan is, how we will achieve it, but she is just an all rounded lovely person. Liz initially set me up with a new skin care routine, which I embraced; nothing I had tired had worked, so hey, why not try something new.

You’re given a program for your skin care that includes everything that you need to know (when, how much and how to apply). Now they told me at the start that 80% of your results come from what you do at home, I was like yeah ok. But I also thought that if this is true then I am going to do it as per the instructions and let’s see. Hey I have nothing to lose, I have the possibility to get rid of dark eyes etc., so let’s just do it.

So I did and man oh man the difference in my eyes was amazing, let along the rest of my skin. My dark eyes were diminishing, my skin was more even all over, and my eyes no longer watered all the time. My skin felt great.

I still felt self-concision about my dark eyes and wanted to know if we could work toward possibly getting rid of them, after the last success anything is possible by these guys (as a side note, I am 34yrs old and have had dark eyes my whole life, I thought it was genetic and had come to believe there was nothing that I could possibly ever do before I started seeing these guys) Liz suggested we do a peel and then maybe try needling, if I was comfortable with that. YES, I was up for anything that could possibly reduce these eyes!!!!

The peel was wonderful, just like a spa experience, gave my skin a beautiful glow, but wasn’t quite the answer again for my eyes. So we tried needling.

Needling, I can’t speak highly enough of, it has changed my life (dramatic I know) it has reduced my dark eyes and helped with all over skin rejuvenation. Man oh man; this is a skin treatment worth trying. Please know it’s no spa experience, the amazing results are achieved by small needles piercing your skin, after the treatment, your face is very hot, which is helped by the face mask they give you. You then go home and relax, the next day your face is red and tight, which diminishes over the first couple of days and leads to areas slightly peeling off. This is not overall noticeable to the people around you. I use mineral make up to cover it up and you forget that you even have a red face until you remove it that even and have a shock (he he). This is a treatment that is all out shone by your results at the end. And after my first one, Wow that all I have for you. It gives you baby like skin; it’s truly an amazing treatment. By the end of the first week, your skin is to die for and I have never ever seen my eyes look so, so, so good.

In summary if you have any skin issues these are the people that you want to go see, with their problem solving abilities and flavoured water they offer you while you are waiting 🙂 you truly couldn’t ask for a better experience and long term results. If you’re not sure if they can help, I would just call and organise an appointment to see them, the work magic at Beautyologist.’

– Rebecca

‘I am thrilled with the ongoing results I am seeing from my skin needling treatments. Fine lines and crows feet have noticeably softened, pigmentation has vanished and my skin has a youthful, healthy glow. I was slightly apprehensive before my first treatment but any nerves were put to rest by my wonderfully caring and experienced therapist. I was treated to a relaxing shoulder massage, the treatment was surprisingly painless and any redness was immediately soothed with a peptide mask while I floated off with a wonderful scalp massage. Absolutely in love with my vitamin serums and enzyme mask which keep my skin in great shape between treatments. To anyone considering skin needling – just do it! – there’s nothing to be nervous about and the results will speak for themselves.

Thank You Beautyologist for your expert advice and nurturing, I know I am doing the absolute best for my ongoing skin health.’

– Kim

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