The Beautyologist make-up difference is that we use only the very best in natural, non-comedonal, irritant free make-up. Sourced from the soil straight to our skin! Being skin therapists we see traces of conventional make-up on clients skin, resulting in unnecessary blocked pores and congestion. We recommend clean minerals for everyday usage allowing the skin to breathe.

Make-up Application

Approx 45 mins - $85 + Eyelash Application $20

Using the very best of Jane Iredale, Bodyography and Sumita. This professional application will cover and leave you looking
illuminating and fashion forward. All make-up used is hypoallergenic,
of high quality and superb staying power, so you will not have to worry about it coming off when you need it. $65, redeemable when you purchase 2 make-up products (excludes lip and eyes).

Saturday Makeup Sessions

30 mins - $65 redeemable on make-up

Do you have an event and require a perfect eye or a great skin coverage? At Beautyologist our Make-up artists can treat you with a
30 mins session, fully redeemable on Make-up. As these sessions are only 30 mins, we expertly apply a beautiful skin base application, a nude eye with mascara and a lip stain. Make-up is mineral and healthy.

Finishing Touches

Complimentary with a Skin Treatment

This treatment is for those clients who have just had a facial with us and need us to add a little something to their face as they might have somewhere to go straight after. This is a quick application of mineral make-up and cheek colour.