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Designed to help support healthy radiant skin, this blend of herbs are traditionally used to cool inflammation, clear skin congestion and stimulate the body’s detoxification pathways to make way for skin healing for a vibrant complexion that reflects a deep inner beauty.

In the heart of magical Daylesford, our Apothecary is the real-life dream of founder and naturopath Bree Melotte who was guided by her child-hood love of crafting wild flower potions in her backyard and sharing them with her loved ones.

Today, Daylesford Apothecary continues to embrace bree’s naturopathic roots and magical spirit, hand-crafting a luxurious range of healing potions and tinctures that are crafted with intention.

Each of our products have evolved to embrace both elements of traditional and modern herbalism, and in their creation are given their own unique purpose and intention for healing.


Spearmint, Burdock, Echinacea, Calendula, Red Clover, Violet



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