Ieros Candles – Artemis


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Vanilla Bean, Raspberry, Rose

In a forest, the fire burns bright. A group of women dance naked beneath the moon. The fecundity of the trees thickens the air. The power of the earth rises through their feet. The wildness of their animal nature courses through their veins. They dance wildly, recklessly, and for themselves alone. When you need to be present, reconnect to your deep wisdom and remind yourself of your inner goddess.

Ιερό – (ierό) – Sacred Sanctuary (Greek). These mystical candles call forth the forgotten wisdom of the ancient world. Blessed by spiritual healers, they draw on myth and magic to evoke strength, clarity, passion, peace and love. Let ieros candles light your way. 430grams. Burn for Approx 100hrs. Beautiful Soy Candle. Hand Poured in Australia. Cotton Wicks. Reusable Vessel. Gorgeous gift for a friend with an inspiring message.

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