Ieros Candles – Nile


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Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass

The great river Nile is a bringer of life to all fortunate enough to be in its path. Deliverer of impossible dreams, it’s power is so great it runs South to North. Supporting life to all who lap at its shores, it clears away blockages and delivers the abundance of the world.

When you feel blocked. When you want opportunities to open. Call forth the majesty of Nile and see the opportunities that await when you believe in yourself and open your heart to the magic of unending possibilities. Ignite your drive and call forth the miracle of your life’s true path.

Ιερό – (ierό) – Sacred Sanctuary (Greek). These mystical candles call forth the forgotten wisdom of the ancient world. Blessed by spiritual healers, they draw on myth and magic to evoke strength, clarity, passion, peace and love. Let ieros candles light your way. 430grams. Burn for Approx 100hrs. Beautiful Soy Candle. Hand Poured in Australia. Cotton Wicks. Reusable Vessel. Gorgeous gift for a friend with an inspiring message.

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