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This vision board pack is the ideal way to create your vision board. The kit helps you to create an inspiring direction and lasting motivation witheverything you need to get started! It also makes for a great present or a great experience to share with a friend over a glass of wine 🙂

This Clear Vision Box contains:

  • 1 x whiteboard and cork board 
  • 1 x pen and pen clip pins
  • magnets
  • coloured paper
  • gratitude cards
  • goal cards
  • motivational quotes
  • Easy instructions to follow and get started

The pack includes everything you need to start your visioneering process. Including beautiful backing paper, motivational quotes, affirmations, goal cards, gratitude cards, to help you get creative and display in your home. Put your vision board up and look at it every day to help create inspiring direction and lasting motivation.

Best yet, you can change up anything on your board easily!

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