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Lymphatic Therapy is a transformative treatment designed to optimize skin health by targeting the circulatory system. Our circulatory system plays a vital role in removing waste through the lymphatic system and nourishing cells and tissues via our blood supply, maintaining balance within our body. As blood circulates, it delivers essential nutrients like amino acids, water, and oxygen to our cells. However, this process can be hindered by debris and blockages along the way. Our goal is to ensure a smooth passage for these nutrients to reach their destination. Through the application of our lymphatic enzyme mask, we apply gentle pressure to activate fluid exchange, clearing away obstacles and creating an environment conducive to optimal nutrient absorption. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment promotes healthy, responsive skin and aids in healing and recovery, making it an ideal complement to advanced skin rejuvenation procedures. Experience the transformative power of Lymphatic Therapy for radiant, revitalised skin.

Lymphatic Plasma Enzyme Treatment

Everything you need to know

A deep cleanse and followed by a mouse like foam applied to your lymphatic nodes in your underarms all the way to your lymph nodes on the sides of your neck and up onto your face. 

Whilst your mask is working its detox magic on your skin you will be treated to a scalp hair treatment and massage. 

As the mask dries on your skin it starts to harden making it difficult to speak or raise an eyebrow. It is beneficial if you can meditate and try not to move around too much because if the mask cracks, it can start to become itchy. If this occurs, let your therapist know and we can tap it for you to help get your through the process. 

The mask needs to stay on for 30-35mins. During this process, we can not touch your face and hence why we treat your hair and scalp. 

All skin types.

As this treatment is a lymphatic plasma treatment, it is best to rest after your treatment and increase your water intake. The treatment will continue to flush our toxins and therefore a healthy meal and lots of water will assist with the detox process. 

Be kind to yourself.

This treatment includes face, neck and decolletage.

No downtime, just glowing skin.

Lymphatic Therapy Steps

Lymphatic Plasma Enzyme Mask

Add -ons

Blading + Lymphatic Plasma Enzyme Mask

Add -ons

Blading + Lymphatic Plasma Enzyme Mask + OXYGEN ENZYMES + SCALP TREATMENT MASSAGE

Add -ons

Lymphatic Enzyme Plasma Therapy

Single Sessions

Lymphatic Enzyme Plasma Therapy

3 Sessions

Lymphatic Enzyme Plasma Therapy

6 Sessions

Add -ons

  • LED Light Therapy 30 mins $50
  • Skin Peel $40
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