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A.k.a - Skin Goddess

Our founder launched Beautyologist 20 years ago via a mobile business using her massage table. Her small self employed business then led her to lease a small space to then lease an even bigger one and launch Beautyologist in Balaclava, a 5 treatment room clinic. Sia, who lives and breathes beauty, employs 8 incredibly talented therapists who all share the same mission which is HEALTHY, HAPPY AND NURTURED SKIN. Dip Therapeutic Massage, Dip Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapist and Final year of Dip Dermal Cosmetic Science. 

Something Sia wishes she knew earlier in life: 

The difference between all sun protection for example when you are outside versus when you are indoors. 

Furthermore the importance of understanding what you are using on your skin, just because a product says 20% Vitamin C, does not mean that 20% penetrates your skin to create the change you require. Many promises and false hopes. You need to trust a professional and let them take responsibility for their recommendations and your results. We are educated professionals who not only study the ingredients but also delivery systems of those ingredients into the skin. This is where the magic of skincare is. 

Her favourite treatment and why:

“The treatment that gives my clients what they need is my favourite”

“With my skin, I LOVE Enzyme Lymphatic, followed by genesis and then Skin Needling. Why? Firstly Lymphatic enzymes will give my skin a kick start and get the blood flowing and flushing. Genesis will target the collagen and elastin, tightening and strengthening the skin. Targets aging. 

Finally Skin Needling will super charge the anti-aging process after genesis however it will also target pigmentation, pores and scarring. This is my favorite trifecta every month”. 


A.k.a - Pigment Whisperer

With over 5 years experience at Beautyologist, this Mother of two gorgeous girls understands precious delicate skin. 

Advance Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Dip. Salon Management and Bachelor in Dermal Science, plus a long list of various Skin and Gut Courses. 

Something Emma wishes she knew earlier in life is:

“To wash my make-up off before bed with a cleanser not to use make-up wipes”. 

Her favourite treatment and why:

“Dermafrac, because it gives you an instant glow whilst restructuring the skin for long term results. Layer this treatment with lymphatic enzyme therapy or genesis, for the ultimate skin treatment monthly. It is 4 modalities in one treatment. A whole vial of serum is deposited into your skin during your treatment, this is incredible”.

Did you know: 

“Did you know that you age about 1 week, every time you do not wash your make-up off at night!”. 


A.k.a - Epi-dermal Warrior

Bianca has been a part of the Beautyologist family now for over 5 years. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in sensitive skin is unparalleled having suffered personally. Bianca understands pushing boundaries however doing so with an intact barrier to get you a result in a calm and gentle way. Dip Beauty Therapy and Cert 4 in Training and Assessment. 

Did you know:

Drinking a glass of hot water with lemon first thing in the morning cleanses your gut and brightens your skin. 

Favourite Treatments:

I have so many and I love mixing them up. If I had to choose my favourite it would be Laser Genesis, it is collagen renewelling, no downtime, suits most skin types and great for a tighter my youthful complexion. It is a great add on to any treatment. There is a reason why this is the most sought after treatment in any skin clinic. 

Something I wish I knew earlier:

Clean your make-up brushes weekly! 


A.k.a - Skin Nurturer

Our Mother Hen, the glue that binds us all together and organises our days. Gorgeous Bernadette holds a Diploma in Beauty with multiple skin courses. She is your go to person regarding appointments, skincare and retail. 

Having someone with the greatest of 35 years of skin experience on our front desk enables our clients to get their skin and gift questions answered professionally. Shall you require any urgent bookings, Bernadette is your go to person to assist with ensuring you are happy and cared for. 

Something Bernadette wishes she knew earlier in life is:

“Skin is a crystal ball, your skin can give you the heads up about any issues going on within the body, so pay close attention. 

Favourite Treatment and why?

Peels is my jive with the added benefits of lymphatic enzymes at the beginning to prepare the skin first or the combination of skin needling for wrinkles and lines. 

Favourite Product Everyone should have:

Mystic Beauty Oil, Lira. It’s the holy grail of brightening hydrating magic on the skin in just one tiny drop! 


A.k.a - Skin Encyclopedia

Michelle lives and breathes all things science, physics and the human body! With a Degree in Dermal Science, Michelle understands the workings of the skin and will assist you on your journey, both immediately and as maintenance. 

“Beauty is always skin deep. No matter how much you try to cover up flaws and insecurities with make-up and spray tans, you will always be the same person. Make sure what you do, you do for you as there is only one of you and you are beautiful”.

Her favourite treatment and why:

The power of Dermafrac, LED and Laser genesis together. Watching clients walk out with immediate results that just keep getting better. 

Did you know: 

”As we age our bodies go through collagen and hyaluronic decline, which means we are more susceptible to bone problems, joint pain, osteoporosis, aging and thinning of hair, which affects women faster then men. It is essential you not only use skincare but also supplements orally”. 

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