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Experience ultimate relaxation with our signature treatment, where luxury meets clinical precision. Begin and end your session on our massage table, allowing you to unwind while we pamper your feet to perfection. This isn’t your ordinary pedicure—it’s a transformative clinical experience designed to banish dead skin using powerful ingredients that penetrate calluses and tough patches.

But what exactly does “clinical” mean? It means we go beyond surface treatments, utilizing ingredients that deeply penetrate your soles to reveal baby soft skin that lasts. Our secret? A blend of premium foot products including quartz crystals, invigorating peppermint oils, exfoliating salicylic acid, soothing aloe vera, and toning witch hazel.

This comprehensive treatment begins with a soothing foot soak, followed by a therapeutic paraffin foot skin treatment to hydrate and soften. Next, watch as dead skin is gently removed with a foot peel, revealing renewed vitality beneath. Sink into bliss as heated tables cradle you for an indulgent hot stone foot massage. 

And the finishing touch? Choose between a classic nail lacquer or long-lasting Shellac polish to adorn your perfectly groomed toenails. It’s no wonder you’ll be eager to rebook this luxurious experience every 4 to 6 weeks—it’s a treat for your feet that leaves you feeling ready to conquer the world.

Beautyologist Signature Clinical Pedicure

Add -ons

  • LED Light Therapy to relax & unwind $50


This treatment starts and finishes on the massage table, giving you a moment to relax whilst we fuss over your feet. It is not just a nail polish traditional pedicure but a clinical treatment.

What is clinical? We use ingredients that penetrate your soles and remove dead skin. It is not just a surface treatment, this pedicure will encourage baby soft skin longer! Using the finest foot products this treatment aims at leaving your feet invigorated, smoother and feeling like they want to take over the world!

Treatment includes a foot soak, a warming paraffin foot skin treatment, effective removal of dead skin using a disposable blade and nail work. Melt back into our heated tables for a hot stone indulgent foot massage for at least 15 mins and lastly have your toe nails painted with only the best nail varnish.

This is one treatment you will love to rebook every 4 to 6 weeks! You can choose normal nail lacquer or Shellac.

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