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Adolescence brings about natural changes in the skin, and while some teenagers navigate this period effortlessly, others may face challenges. At Beautyologist, we understand the importance of early skincare education to help teenagers prevent scars, marks, and blemishes. Our therapists are equipped to guide teenagers in implementing simple yet effective methods into their daily skincare routine. From changing pillowcases regularly to proper rinsing techniques and staying hydrated, we empower teenagers with the knowledge they need for healthy skin. In-store, we offer teenage skin kits designed to educate adolescents on the fundamentals of skincare. With hormones fluctuating and skin experiencing changes like oiliness or dryness, it’s crucial to provide gentle, tailored support without overloading the skin with harsh products that can exacerbate issues. Our Teenage Skin Treatment begins with a thorough cleanse using enzymes, followed by a detoxifying mask, steam, and gentle blackhead extractions. The treatment also includes LED Light Therapy, offering a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, perfect for school holidays. For children under 16, parental consent is required in writing. During the treatment, our therapists will offer further recommendations for ongoing skincare support and provide education on at-home care. We understand the nuances of hormonal skin and aim to empower teenagers with the tools they need to navigate this stage with confidence and clarity.


Hormones raging, oil flow or dryness, the unknown, congestion, blackheads, pustules, skincare recommendations from tik tok and not sure what the right solution is for their personal individual skin needs. We were all teenagers once and understand delicate hormonal skin. Gentle, active support is key to helping and not aggravating these delicate skins with overuse of exfoliants and picking, which can cause post inflammatory pigmentation.

This treatment starts with an effective deep cleanse using enzymes. Treatment includes a detox mask, steam , a small amount of black head extractions and LED Light Therapy. A wonderful experience as a gift for school holidays. Children under 16, need a parent’s consent in writing. LED Light Therapy component of this treatment is completed in the LED Lounge downstairs. Your therapist will make some treatment suggestions that require further assistance and also educate you on some homecare support.

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