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Microdermabrasion is the ultimate skin rejuvenator, combining the power of a vacuum cleaner and diamond exfoliant in a single sweep. Its exfoliating action loosens dead skin cells and clears away surface debris, while the vacuum suction unclogs pores, extracting impurities trapped within. The result? Instantly brighter, clearer skin. This non-invasive treatment works wonders on blackheads, whiteheads, congestion, and dry skin buildup. It can be enjoyed alone or integrated with other treatments to enhance ingredient absorption. It’s our most sought-after facial experience, delivering immediate brightness and visible results. Customised to your skin’s unique needs, our microdermabrasion treatment begins with a thorough skin analysis. It includes an enzyme peel, extractions, and a soothing neck and shoulder massage using hot stones and aromatic oils. To top it off, we apply a hydrating hyaluronic mask, renewing and refreshing your complexion for a smoother, brighter finish. Please note, this treatment may require prepping, but the results are well worth it. Experience the transformative power of microdermabrasion and unveil a revitalised, radiant complexion.

By far our most popular facial experience. This treatment is active and results in immediate brightness. Like all our treatments it is customised depending on your skin condition. Starting with a Skin Analysis, Microdermabrasion (if skin is suitable), Enzyme Peel, Extractions and Neck & Shoulder massage using Hot Stones and Aromatic Oils. This treatment includes a Hyaluronic Hydrating mask. This experience is designed to renew and refresh your cells, giving your complexion a smoother and visibly brighter finish. This treatment may require prepping.

Microdermabrasion, Lactic Peel & Hot Stone Neck & Shoulder Massage

Everything you need to know

Experience the transformative power of microdermabrasion, the ultimate skin rejuvenator. Combining vacuum suction and diamond exfoliation, it swiftly removes dead skin cells and surface debris, revealing instantly brighter, clearer skin. Ideal for addressing blackheads, whiteheads, congestion, and dry skin buildup, this non-invasive treatment can be enjoyed alone or paired with other treatments for enhanced results.

Our microdermabrasion treatment begins with a personalised skin analysis, followed by gentle exfoliation, extractions, and a soothing neck and shoulder massage with hot stones and aromatic oils. A hydrating hyaluronic mask completes the experience, leaving your complexion smoother and visibly brighter.

Lactic Peel, Hot Stone Neck and Shoulder Massage, & Hyaluronic Hydrating Mask

Extractions are not nice, but necessary. We do our best to minimise pain. Tingle, Burning and heat are common with a low level peel however teamed with microdermabrasion it can be a 5/10 for approx 30 seconds. 

Very Popular!

Most skin types can enjoy our Microdermabrasion treatment however skins types such as Rosacea, Eczema, broken or delicate skin are best suited for the same treatment excluding the microdermabrasion. We can substitute it for something else during the treatment. Duty of care always comes first. 

Safe for expecting and breastfeeding clients.

Brides will love this treatment! Try 3 – 6 before the wedding for brightness, hydration, clarity and all over glow! Brilliant results seen after 3 treatments, notable changes in reduction of blemishes, overall brightness, smooth epidermis and hydration. 

Ideally with all skin treatments, it is best to not exfoliate or use any Retinoids the day before. If using any prescription medication on the actual treatment area, your Dr and therapist must be made aware. 

After treatment, do not pick, scratch or use any active ingredients on your skin for at least 3 days. 

Our microdermabrasion targets the whole face however you would like your neck treated also ask your skin therapist about our neck add ons. 

No significant downtime. Skin may feel slightly dry the next day as redundant skin cells continue to sloth off, leaving a brighter complexion. 

60 mins



This treatment uses intraceuticals hyperbaric oxygen to infuse and push hyaluronic acid deeper into the skin. The ampoules we use to infuse are designed to instantly plump, tone and brighten the skin. For better penetration and longer results we start this treatment with microdermabrasion. No downtime and instantly boosts tired dull skin. Perfect for brides and special occasions.The ampoules used can be customised depending on your needs at every visit. Choose from collagen for rejuvenation, Vit C for brightening and hydrating for plump and glow. We also can add on atoxelene which is a line plumping complex after your treatment to instantly minimise the fine lines. I personally love this around my crows feet! This is an additional $50. Please let your therapist know. 

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