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Let’s not forget our hardworking and distinguished men, whose skincare needs are often overlooked. At Beautyologist, our men’s treatments are tailored to address congestion and provide much-needed direction for their skin. Our comprehensive Men’s Treatment includes grooming of eyebrows, nose hairs, and ears, ensuring a polished and tidy appearance. Whether he works in an office or outdoors, this treatment will leave him feeling refreshed and clear-headed. Starting with an Ear, Nose, and Eyebrow Tidy, we meticulously groom to ensure you’re “Meeting Ready” at all times. Our microdermabrasion machine deeply cleanses pores, followed by targeted extractions for a thorough detoxification. The treatment continues with a hydrating and rebalancing mask, accompanied by a relaxing neck and shoulder massage to melt away tension. We’ll also provide aftercare advice to maintain your skin’s newfound clarity and vitality. Grooming is optional, but the choice is yours to make. Treat yourself to the ultimate grooming experience at Beautyologist.


Starting with an Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Tidy – regardless whether you need it or not, we will check you to ensure you are “Meeting Ready!”. Our microdermabrasion machine will deep clean the debris from your pores and we will follow with extractions to ensure a thorough clean. This treatment includes a hydrating and rebalancing mask, neck & shoulder massage and after care advice. Grooming is optional.

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