Laser Hair Removal

A fast, comfortable and permanent alternative. Laser hair removal (IPL) is fast becoming the world’s most popular hair removal treatment. It produces quick, permanent results that are mess-free & less expensive in the long run.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?
Pulses of filtered light are directed onto the skin and absorbed by the hair follicles. Pulsed light systems are similar to lasers, but with a larger, smooth beam, and a long pulse for safe, fast, and comfortable treatments.

Medical Laser Hair Removal

From $90

Medical Laser Hair Removal uses a unique long pulse width that delivers energy to the skin over a relatively long period of time. This makes the pulses safer and more comfortable. You may experience a feeling similar to that of a rubber band being snapped on the skin, but most people do not report this sensation as painful.


Treatment Price
Basic Bikini $90
Underarms $90
Swimsuit Bikini $110
Swimsuit Bikini, Underarms & Lip $120
Arms $120
Brazilian $130
1/2 Leg $130
Full Leg $180
Brazilian, Underarms & Lip $180
Lip, Chin, Front fo Neck, Cheeks, Sideburns & Full Face $180
Brazilian, 1/2 Lower Leg, Feet, Toes & Underarms $270
Brazilian, Full Leg, Feet, Toes & Underarms $360
Full Leg, Full Arms, Feet, Toes, Hands, Fingers & Underarms $360
Shaving Fee - 15 mins $35

Pre & Post Treatment


All Laser treatments require a clean shave on the day or the day before. Beautyologist has not allocated shave time in appointments, this will need to be booked in. If you are choosing 3 areas or more, please let us know to review price.


Immediately after treatment, you can expect a mild sunburn-like sensation. Treated hair will continue to appear for 7-30 days post treatment. This is not new hair growth, but the treated hairs being expelled from the skin. At any given time, some of your hair is not in a phase of active growth. Therefore you will need more than one treatment to affect the growth of all your unwanted hair. Typically, several treatments will be necessary to achieve permanent hair reduction.