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If there’s just one organic beauty product we’d encourage you to add to your beauty routine, it would have to be Coconut Oil. This stuff is essentially magic in a jar to your hair, skin, and body! Implementing coconut oil into your beauty routine is the perfect way to care for your skin in between salon visits and to promote the overall health of your skin.


Many health food stores now carry jars coconut oil on their shelves, noting a increase in interest in the product. It’s great for so many things- both for use internally and externally, and because of this, we’d encourage you to purchase several jars at once- one for your kitchen, and one for your bathroom- for your beauty routine. Look for the words ‘Extra Virgin‘ on the label.


Beauty Routine Uses for Coconut Oil:

*Moisturizer- face & body

*Makeup Remover

*All Natural hair mask

*Use as a foundation primer

*Add to washcloth and use to exfoliate face

*Heat up coconut oil and mix with sugar or salt for your own bath scrub

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