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Get that Glow!

Who can relate with this sentiment??? Gotta get that glow, but no time for a spray tan?! At Beautyologist, we understand your needs to the fullest. That’s why we offer both incredible spray tans in the salon, as well as the most exceptional take home self-tanners available on the market! They’re going to give you…

Adding to Our #StyleFile

There’s something about this combination of jet black and a light, champagne  pink that just look stunning together. We also happen to think the color pairing really accentuates a spray tan well- so we’re adding this inspirational photo to our #StyleFile for sure!

Soak up Summer Inspo!

Sadly, Summer is beginning to wind down, and we’re not feeling ready to let it go…so we’re getting by with the help of some Summer inspo photos. Aside from staying inspired, a good spray tan is the most excellent way to stay in the Summer spirit. If spray tans aren’t for you, don’t forget to…