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Laser Genesis


Laser Genesis is a gentle and effective laser skin treatment that works by delivering high energy microsecond power pulses to the skin and targeting the deep layers of the dermis.

By gently heating up the dermis, we are encouraging collagen stimulation resulting in deep rejuvenation. This deep rejuvenation reduces the appearance of fine lines, open pores, uneven skin tone and redness. Laser Genesis promotes even toned, plump, hydrated beautiful even skin restoring your true glow and healthy complexion!

Who suits Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is suitable for all skin types, because of its gentle delivery even people with sensitive skin will benefit from this treatment.

Laser Genesis is suitable for people with the following skin concerns:

Laser Genesis Before/After Photos

Single Laser Genesis Treatment

Skin Toning & Laser Genesis

Skin Toning, Carbon Peel and Laser Genesis

Skin Toning & Laser Genesis and Pigment Spots

Laser Genesis FAQ's

Laser Genesis is a laser that uses 1064nm wavelength delivered in microseconds, this combination of wavelength and delivery acts as a gentle bulk heater for the dermis.

This gentle bulk heating triggers the skin's natural healing response which is to produce collagen!

After thoroughly cleaning your face and making sure it is free from oil and debris, we will treat your face in sections by moving the laser in slow motions to bulk heat each area evenly.

We will then apply aftercare to your face and advise you on homecare from there.

Very little to none. We often describe this treatment like having a warm bath or hot stone massage. You may experience a little heat as it builds up. Your therapist will be constantly communicating with you to ensure your comfort.

After your treatment your face may be slightly flushed for 30 mins to an hour, this can be covered with makeup.

While you will definitely see and feel a result after just one, the conditions we are treating with Laser Genesis are often recurrent ones, therefore we would usually recommend a treatment course of 4 or 6. These can be done fortnightly or monthly.

After your treatment your skin will feel smooth, tight and plump. Over the coming days after your treatment you will see a reduction in redness and open pores. If you have sensitive or inflamed skin it will feel calmer, there will also be an overall brightness and glow.

These results will accumulate and last longer after your treatment course. Laser Genesis accelerates collagen regrowth to encourage vibrant plump tighter skin and a more refined skin tone.

Clinical Papers are available.

During your treatments we can add multiple advancements to customise and super charge your results. These add ons can be Carbon Peel for a deeper exfoliation, refining of open pores, congestion and blackheads. We can add Laser Toning which is for brightening, skin tone and epidermal pigmentation. We can even spot treat surface pigmented lesions. Light Therapy is always a great add on to any of these treatments.

All skin types are safe. We do not treat pregnant clients with any lasers. Breastfeeding is ok.

Avoid active peels i.e. chemical peels for at least two weeks after the treatment. It is recommended to use a good sunblock each morning with a minimum SPF of 30. Avoid any active serums or exfoliants for at least 3 days after treatment. Avoid picking, scratching or any harsh detergents.


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