Beautyologist Face Treatments are designed to suit your desired outcome, whether it be clear skin, looking younger, slowing down aging, clearing up pigmentation, deep hydration, acne, scarring or simply relaxation.

Our treatments are designed with two things in mind, your skins wellbeing and the end result. Our skin journey sessions are created in such a way to eliminate any adverse reactions and set your skin up for success.

Being a local salon, relationships are very important to us. Watching your skin change is our aim, therefore providing you with active treatments is just part of what we do the rest is advice and homecare. 70% of results happen at home, therefore a full comprehensive homecare regime will be selected for you which will accelerate your skins journey.

We look forward to treating you!

Active Facials

These Active Treatments can use a combination of machinery, AHA & BHA acids as well as other potent ingredients that will change the look, feel and texture of your skin. Allow our therapists to design a plan to suit your skin goals.

Nurturing Facials

Our Nurturing Facials use the power of organics mixed with technology mixed with relaxing massage. It’s the perfect balance and a beautiful gift for those seeking a sensory, mind, face and body experience.

Advanced Targeted Facials

The following treatments are targeted medical face treatments which aim at concerns and deliver results. Massage is not included except where a mask is applied or a peel is being timed.

Mens Facials

At Beautyologist our Mens treatments include pruning of their eyebrows, nose hairs and also ears. Whether he works in an office or outdoors these treatments will have him refreshed, clear and tidy.

Skin Peels

Forget about Samantha in Sex In The City, it is not like that at all. Choose a New Client Facial and let us choose the peel for you after we have accessed your skin.

Teen Facials

At Beautyologist we believe the earlier you assist your teenager in caring and protecting their skin, the better they will avoid scars, marks and blemishes. Our therapists can help your teenager apply simple methods to their daily routine to assist their skin.

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